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Breathable protection from the elements
We carefully research, test, and try every material used in our outerwear to offer you the best gear the shuts out rain, wind or snow. Our gear will lock out wind and water, but lets the sweat out. No more clamminess. Durable soft-shells that are durable, yet stretch and breath for even the most intense aerobic activity. 

Composite 3-layer material made with Dyneema fibres laminated to eVENT ePTFE is the most advance material on the market.  Exceptional light, this Dyneema composite offers unparalleled durability in its weight class. 
Next generation membrane technology creates
a waterproof barrier with unprecedented airflow, making this the most breathable waterproof 3 layer fabric to date. Hardshell protection with soft-shell comfort and versatility.

Developed to strengthen our fabric’s ability to resist the effects of strong winds. By adapting our fleece structure through tighter knit constructions we created a new fabric composition that drastically reduces wind permeation. This provides the thermal insulation benefits, comfort and breathability of fleece with the added performance abilities to defy the wind and repel all forms of moisture.


Polartec Hardface’s proprietary water-shedding surface polymer is your first line of defense against inclement weather.

Advanced ePTFE hardshell membrane technology characterized by millions of tiny pores allowing sweat to escape, without sacrificing wind and waterproof protection. This Direct VentingTM technology in a 3-layer fabric breathes better. No more clammy sweaty interiors.

Schoeller®-dynamic are comfortable all-round functional 4-way stretch fabrics.
Characterized by durability, freedom of movement and a high level of comfort, makes Schoeller®- dynamic the preferred fabric for technical apparel.


Designed for intense mountain pursuits where weight and breathability are key, Pertex® Shield fabrics allow you to move fast and stay comfortable.

The versatile 2, 2.5 and 3-layer constructions combine lightweight face fabrics with waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes. A durable water repellent (DWR) finish applied to the face fabric sheds rain and snow, which helps to maintain breathability.


Shield Pro uses a microporous membrane that has been engineered with a very high number of evenly spaced and interconnected pores. These pores allow any moisture vapour generated to pass though the fabric, minimising any sweat build up and keeping you comfortable for longer.

This highly breathable performance combined with a durably waterproof 3-layer construction means Pertex® Shield fabrics are perfectly suited to long days in testing conditions.


By combining a tightly woven face fabric with a microporous coating, Pertex® Quantum Pro delivers a very high level of water resistance whilst remaining lightweight, soft and breathable.

The increased weather resistance and durable construction means these fabrics are ideal for use in cold or damp environments where keeping warm and dry is crucial.


Pertex® Equilibrium uses a double weave construction in which a tightly woven outer face provides protection from the elements whilst a more openly woven inner face helps to move moisture away from your body.


Not all mid-layers are created equal
We strive to make garments that offer warmth without weight, nicely packs down, and are as light as air. That’s why we painstakingly research and source the most innovative synthetics and insulation materials on the planet. We’ve also searched the globe for responsibly harvested, premium quality natural down fill and merino wool fabrics. Known for their high loft, and soft hand, these products are compressible, lightweight, and warm.


Ultra-light and compressible. Sourced from only the highest quality, ethical and sustainable farms in Poland. The cool weather climate and abundance of lakes provide the ideal conditions to produce a pristine hypoallergenic down that is the worldwide standard for loft, warmth and durability. Each ounce of Polish Royale down is made of mature goose down consisting of millions of heat-trapping filaments. The soft down plumes interlock to create an even layer of insulated protection between you and the frigid outdoors. No clumping. No flat spots. Just long lasting comfort. In warmth, Polish down has no equal.


This exceptionally breathable insulation dries quickly, retains warmth, and circulates airflow. Versatile, the high loft fibers in a low density knit traps body heat during rest and static activity, yet does not restrict moisture vapor when on the move.


Proprietary fabric construction features two unique surfaces: the durable nylon outer layer is wind and abrasion resistant; the soft fleece inner layer wicks sweat off the skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.


A breakthrough for combining the distinct advantages of natural and synthetic fibers in a bi-component fabric. The industry standard of blending different yarns into a mixed composition reduces the intended benefits and hampers overall fabric performance. By isolating a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior we developed a hybrid fabric with distinct surface features to optimize wicking, breathability, odor resistance and durability.


The reference standard for lightweight warmth
and breathability. This is the original sport fleece offering unparalleled quality and comfort. Polartec® Classic fabrics have been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly three decades.


The ultimate combination of water-repellent down with ultrafine PrimaLoft fibres. With 4X faster drying time vs. untreated down, PrimaLoft® GOLD down-blend offers high-performance warmth and comfort in variable wet and dry conditions. Retains 95% warmth when wet.


From the performance experts at PrimaLoft comes the ultimate combination of ultra-fine filaments and water-repellent goose down, offering high-performance warmth and comfort in variable conditions without the use of any chemical flourocarbons. This revolutionary engineered down provides versatility taking the best performance attributes found in goose-down and synthetics, allowing outdoor enthusiasts extended comfort.


PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft is built with two different sizes of fibers, for high PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft is built with two different sizes of fibers, for high thermal values and incredible loft.  It’s comfortable, durable and retains 85% of its insulation value even when it’s wet.

MAPP® Merino

The MAPP guarantee ensures environmental, economic sustainability & animal welfare. MAPP merino is produced in 'free range' farming systems which are animal and environmentally friendly, and the world's finest merino.


In the great outdoors, next-to-skin comfort must be matched with performance
At Westcomb, all our base layers and liner fabrics are crafted from only the finest synthetic and natural fibers known for their soft hand, moisture wicking, and fast drying properties. You’ll feel the improvement. Rather than absorb and hold your sweat, the material is engineered to compliment your body’s natural evaporative cooling process by drawing moisture away from your body. Keeping you drier, while preventing overheating to maximize your potential.


Polartec’s Delta sits in the sweet spot between cotton and polyester–a unique honeycomb
structure carries the sweat away from your skin but holds it close enough that you get the benefits of the evaporative cooling.


DELTAPEAK is a balanced, ultra-high-functionality material which achieves a sophisticated fusion of comfort, stretch, light-weight and durability. Its proprietary knitting technology allows for a distortion free, dense and balanced knitted surface.


Italian designers of performance fabrics, MITI continues its heritage of innovation of arp knitting technology with their latest generation of finegauge looms. The end result is a class of technical knits suitable for demanding endurance activities where comfort and durability is the difference maker.


With a soft cotton-like hand, SofiDRY technical knits efficiently move moisture during intense activity with a proprietary knit construction, Actisystem™. The Meryl® nylon microfibers absorb and transports sweat by capillary action to allow rapid drying for total comfort and performance.